Letter , Animal Keychains

Letter , Animal Keychains

All keychains start at $15.00 , and go up depending on addons . Each add on starts at .50 cents depending on the add on can be a $1.00 each . All base prices include first color . Color can be a solid color or Glitter as the first color , base color . 


    I do not offer returns or refunds , as I am not a business . I am just a hobby page who does things kustom for you . All my items are pay first for this reason . I can not turn around and sell what i made kustom for you and give to someone else . If you decide you no longer want the item after it is made I keep all of your money back for wasting my time , and materials .

  • How to Order

    Go to MoonStarz Kustom Kraftz on Facebook , take a look around to see more items that may not be listed here. Send me a message in messenger with any questions ,and your order 

  • Shipping

    Shipping is $7 , buyer pays shipping . Allow time to make item . All items ship on Wednsdays , Unless ordered day of or day before. 

  • Add ons

    All add ons will bring up the price on items by $.50 to $1.00 each add on . Base color is included in item price . Glitter , Stickers , Names , etc , are add ons , and bring up prices 

Kustomizeable: all colors